YEV (Yamaha Electric Violin)

A new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of wood, the simplicity of clean lines, and the comfort of light weight, combined with innovative Yamaha sound to create this gorgeous live-performance instrument.


The lightweight design, natural touch points and curves allow the player to effortlessly move between the YEV and a standard acoustic violin. The instrument's shape allows for most standard shoulder, chin rests and tailpieces.


Achieves a beautiful, smooth, organic sound aided by the natural resonance of the wood.

YEV Electric Violin


Body                                  Spruce/Mahogany/Maple

Neck                                  Maple

Fingerboard                     Rosewood

Frame                               Walnut

Tailpiece                           Synthetic Resin (equipped with fine tuners)

Bridge / Pickup                Maple with built-in Piezo-electric Pickup

Output / Controls            Passive output, volume control, Selector                                                            Switch(Volume Control activation switch)

Tuning peg / Rest            Chin Rest Ebony

Strings                               D'Addario Zyex * D'Addario Helicore on                                                               the 5th string YEV105 only

Weight                               104: approx. 550g / 105: approx. 580g