Designers at Yamaha worked together with some of the world's greatest cellists to create the SVC-110 and SVC-210. These artists' talent is reflected in the resultant instrument's beautiful warm tone and comfortable playability.

Cello SVC-110SK Specifications

Body Spruce
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Pegs Ebony
Tailpiece Wittner™ Ultra
Bridge Maple (Aubert)
Instrument Size 4/4
Sensor Piezo
Electric Controls Volume, Aux-In volume, Reverb switch
In/Out Jacks Headphone Out, Line Out, Aux-In
Power Supply 2 x AA batteries or AC adapter (optional)
Strings D'Addario™ Helicore
Standard Accessories Soft case; headphones; auxiliary cable; chest support; 2 x AA batteries