NS Design

NS Design
NS Design was founded in 1990 by the award winning instrument designer Ned Steinberger to design
and produce bowed electric instruments that advance the state of the art. NS string instruments are
unabashed, purebred solid body electrics that combine technology and tradition to meet the needs
of an evolving musical community.

Polar Bridge Pickup System
The unique Polar pickup has two modes of operation, “bow” and “pizz” (pizzicato). In the bow
mode, response to the bow is enhanced, for a remarkably full, rich, and dynamic sound. The pizz
mode enhances the plucked response by controlling the attack for a smooth, sustained, guitar-like
tone. Conversely, in the bow mode, the plucked response is extraordinarily percussive, with a big
attack and fast decay. With the Polar pickup, the musician can adjust attack and decay parameters
electronically for the first time.

EMG (TM) Magnetic Pickups
The low impedance magnetic pickups are made to our specifications by EMGTM, and feature
individually adjustable coils and neodymium magnets. Each coil is buffered separately for a full tonal
quality with very low noise. (Magnetic pickups are available on certain models only.)

Active Electronics
The dual mode preamp allows the player to choose between two distinct tonal characteristics. A
full-blown “electric” sound is achieved with the extended frequency range possible with modern
electronics. For a more “acoustic” sound, analog modeling is used to replicate the frequency
response and tonality of a traditional instrument. Controls for volume, bass, treble, pickup mode, and
preamp mode provide unprecedented tone shaping within easy reach of the player. A headphone
jack is included for practicing convenience.

Maple, Ebony, and Graphite
CR Series instruments are made from select tone woods, with the neck and body of maple and the
fingerboard of ebony. The EU Series breaks new ground with a one-piece molded neck and body
made from layers of graphite and maple, and a molded graphite fingerboard.

Graduated Fingerboard / Cascading
Dot Pattern
The fingerboards are hand-graduated and tested to ensure that each note responds evenly. The bass
and cello have an unobtrusive dot pattern that cascades across the fingerboard to aid intonation.

Interchangeable Support Systems
The self-supporting Tripod stand, conventional End Pin, and full mobility Shoulder Strap systems are
interchangeable for all basses and cellos. An optional Balanced Shoulder Rest for violin and viola
provides complete support, freeing the players chin and head for enhanced comfort and expression.
An adjustable chin rest that conforms to the violinist’s body and playing position is also available.

NS instruments are compact by design and built to withstand the rigors of the road. The padded
gig bag accommodates both the instrument and stand, with a storage area inside the gig bag for
accessories. An optional hard-shell flight case is also available (standard on violin and viola).

Hand-Crafted Quality
Each instrument is hand-made in the Czech Republic to the highest standard by craftsmen steeped
in a long tradition of instrument making. All models feature a beautiful flame maple face for the body
(and headstock for bass and cello).t

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