Stingray SV-4 Electric Violin

Mark Wood's 4 string violin design. Super light and very impressive on the eyes! The Wood Bridge pickup is moulded after the one Mark Wood used in his album "Voodoo Violence". This model comes in Black or Red.

Mark Wood has stirred up the violin world and created a lot of excitement for electric violins. Now Wood Violins brings that same rock star attitude to the entry level market with their redesigned Stingray SV-4 electric violin.

The SV-4 has a passive pickup system, providing a clean, strong output with a good tone. The Stingray SV-4 has an integrated 1/4 inch output jack, and is set up with high quality strings. Lightweight foam-core case and color-matched octagonal bow are included.

If you need "silent" practice capability, consider adding a basic effects processor, which can do double duty as a headphone amp, allowing you to practice through headphones, with or without effects.

Includes color-matched bow and Wood Violins-branded lightweight foam-core case.

Best Australian Price for Stingray in Red

Best Australian Price for Stingray in Black